The RHATT Watch

Day 16

Today is Friday, May 11th, Day 16 of the Rhatt Watch.  Welcome to White Springs, Florida’s dirty little secret.  White Springs, quite possibly, Home of the Most Corrupt Town Council and Administration in the history of the State of Florida.  For the past two years, Red-face Ratt led the White Springs Town Council and Administration.  By working out of the Sunshine, Red-face Ratt, along with his flunkies, Mindless Tonja and Sellout Willie, began to systematically plunder White Springs for their personal benefit.  Once his grasp was firmly around White Springs, Red-face Ratt hatched a plan to gain access to all of the bounty in Jasper, Jennings, Hamilton County, The Development Authority and then other counties.  It works like this; put the Ratt’s “cousins” and cronies in place to support him; first try charm; then use threats and intimidation and finally use bribes.  Once in place Red-face Ratt grabs everything he can.  He spreads a little of the spoils around.   Governor Scott knows all about the Red-face Ratt’s scourge.

When the Red-face Ratt goes down, fresh Sunshine will be a great disinfectant.  It’s light and public scrutiny will be on all of those “cousins” and cronies who empowered the Ratt.  Don’t forget, the Ratt is toxic, very toxic!  If you are one of the Ratt’s “cousins” or cronies and had anything to do with drugs, bribes and corruption with the Red-face Ratt in the last twenty years, you should be extremely concerned.  If you are one of the pedophilia victims, or you were complicit and want out, you probably don’t know who to trust (still lots of hiden “cousins” out there). Try the FBI office in Jacksonville [(904)wr8-7000}.  If you don’t want to spend the next decade, or longer, in prison, youi need to talk to the FBI asap.  You will not be the first, or the last.  The Red-face Ratt is prob ably wearing a wire and will roll over on you any chance he gets.

What is Governor Scott waiting for?  How long has the Florida Department of Law Enforcement been investigating Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and the “cousins”?  It’s a pretty good bet Red-face Ratt has seen the hand-writing on the wall by now.  He denies it to the “cousins” and cronies, but it’s only a matter of time.  Will the State or the Federal Government get to the Ratt first?  Will Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog wait for their “pink” handcuffs or will they resign and flee the jurisdiction?  Looks like the Ratt could get thirty-five years or more?  How many of the “cousins” will accompany him?  Stay tuned to the six o’clock news.

Keep both eyes open.  It’s Day 16 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!

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