The RHATT Watch

Day 9

Today is Friday, May 4th, Day 9 of the Rhatt Watch.  Welcome to White Springs; Florida’s dirty little secret.  White Sprngs, home of the Bullard, Brown, Jefferson Kangaroo Court; Cool Willie is off the Kangaroo Court for now, but Red-face Ratt is trying to orchestrate his return.  In the interim, Red-face Ratt is banking on his alternative flunky (who he has aappointed to the council last year) to carry out his dirty work! Governor Scott knows all about the Red-face Ratt.  The Governor is working to improve Florida.  Red-face Ratt is working to plunder Hamilton County for his and his cronies’ benefits.  Who do you think will win?; the Governor or the Ratt?  The Governor needs to end the Kangaroo Court and Red-face Ratt asap.

You may have noticed late night talk show hosts seize on the Red-face Ratt nightmare this week.  It seems likely that Red-face Ratt and Hamilton County are being exposed to nationwide scrutiny..  Sunshine is a great disinfectant.  Don’t forget, the Red-face Ratt is toxic, very toxic!  If you have been involved in pedophilia, drugs, bribes and corruption with the Red-face Ratt, in the last twenty years, you should be extremely concerned.  With all the Red-face Ratt “cousins” in the loop you probably don’t know who to trust to get a fair deal.  Try the FBI office in Jacksonville [(904) 248-7000)}.  If you don’t want to spend the next decade or longer, in prison, you need to talk to the FBI asap.  Rest assured you will not be the first.  Also, it’s highly likely Red-face Ratt is wearing a wire now.

What is Governor Scott waiting for?  Is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigating Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and other flunkies?  When will the Governor remove Red-face Ratt from office?  It’s likely Red-face Ratt has seen the hand-writing on the wall by now.  He denies it to friends, but it’s only a matter of time.  Will the State or the Federal Government get to the Ratt first?  Will Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog wait for their handcuffs (the White Springs Police Chief has pink cuffs) or will they resign and flee the jurisdiction?  For how long will Red-face Ratt go away – ten, twenty, thirty years or more?  And will the Ratt’s Lapdog accompany him?  When will this be on the six o’clock news?

Be Vigilant!  It’s Day 9 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!

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