The RHATT Watch

Day 5

This is MONDAY, April 30th, Day 5 of the Rhatt Watch.  Residents remain concerned about the unauthorized expenditure of massive quantities of funds by Red-face Ratt’s lapdog for personal and other legal expenditures.  This is tantamount to stealing Town of White Springs funds, apparently with the full knowledge and consent of the Red-face Ratt.  What is the total amount of Town of White Springs’ funds which have been expended inappropriately?  Upon what were these funds expended?  Who received the funds and when?  How will the Town of White Springs recover its funds?  Will Red-face Ratt’s lapdog and/or the town clerk/finance director be held responsible for their roles?

By the way, where have Red-face Ratt, his lapdog and other flunkies been hiding since the Council’s reorganization meeting?  Even Red-face Ratt’s family was too embarrassed to be seen with him on Thursday evening.  If you have pictures of the Ratt with a bright red face, please send them along.


Why haven’t these expenditures been investigated by the White Springs Police Department, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement?  When will the State Attorney take action?   When will Red-face Ratt be indicted (as Michael Avemotti would say, the Red-face Ratt will be indicted soon; he’s toxic and if you have done anything with him in the last 20 years, it’s coming back to bite you)?   How long would Red-face Ratt be behind bars? And will the Ratt’s Lapdog and town clerk/finance director be there with him?  Or alternatively, will Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog resign?   Local residents indicate a team of investigative reporters with camera crew apparently associated with CBS or Fox News has been interviewing knowledgeable witnesses in and around White Springs?  It’s happening.

It’s Day  5 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues.

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