The Grinch knew there would be opportunity to steal and the right provisions to give him the adoration he deserved in a small town which to him was home…especially one in which he knew he could hide his sexual and devious ways. He made certain he had followers who were ill-educated and had no idea how a Town was run or anything relating to laws, so that no matter who may be chosen as mayor, they would have to follow his advice and be grateful to him for that advice no matter how illicit

For some time he and his family watched the many people of White Springs to see who may be the weakest, the most pliable, and the most inadequate; after all he could appoint them to some of the most prominent positions and committies where he would be held in reverence..

The Grinch, however, had one problem, the Rev. Griffin.  Rev. Griffin found information about Subic; information about cousin Bobby Townsend and he believed in honesty and the integrity of government and its people.  Alas, he had to make Griffin look bad so he started underhandedly utilizing staff to speak ill of the Griffin. He started a campaign in his dislike for Griffin with other officials, citizens and staff and even used the Millers to go after the Griffins as criminals.  The Rev. Griffin believed in the Sunshine laws and the Grinch believed in closed government outside of the Sunshine Laws.

Yet the Grinch had a secondary problem and that was what to do with Ph.D. Miller. He had his Town Manager and Finance Director research every file to get anything on her that they could.  And after the first set of charges was in the newspaper, and the Griffin Blog intimidated him and irritated the Town Manager,  he realized how stupid those charges were. Then the Town Manager and Finance Director had to find other charges that were somewhat convincing so that he could be rid of Miller by making her forfeit her seat.  But then, PhD Miller was elected again!  What was the poor Grinch to do?

Now the Grinch since he was an attorney, had many friends who were attorneys and judges.  Now the PhD Miller hearing went as planned since it was a quasi judicial hearing consisting of four councilors, three of which he controlled.  Now the three really didn’t know what “Malfeasance” meant but they charged PhD Miller with Malfeasance  on every count, even for asking for help with chairs.  They partied at the Grinch’s home because they felt they won.

The Grinch allowed the Town Manager to pick her own friend, an attorney from Volusia county to defend her but now that attorney is providing defense for White Springs without a contract.  But the Grinch doesn’t care about contracts and he rarely reads one and just signs them if they are presented.  But mostly what the Grinch can do is go to his judicial friends and deny Ph.D Miller’s appeal.  But there was a problem, the Judge mixed up a quasi judicial hearing with a legislative hearing stipulating it was the latter so Ph.D. Miller has now gone to the First Circuit Court of appeals. And that court feels Ph.D. Miller has a standing since it was a quasi judicial hearing decided by the grinch and his two councilors. Woe is the Grinch!  Now the First Circuit Court of appeals in Tallahassee is going to read the transcripts of the hearing and the evidence and the Grinch and his Town Manager are not certain how attorney Elkind can twist and turn the situation to provide a win for the Town.

Then the Griffins sent complaints to the Commission on Ethics on the Grinch, the Town Manager and the Finance Director.  These complaints related from anything to Ph.D Miller’s plight of a council seat; to the loss of a Fire Department; to granting special favors to himself and little Andrew Greene because of his position as well as all those attorney’s fees which were spent without council approval.

Now the Grinch has been able to buy votes and people believe his promises but he certainly did not realize that the Rev. Griffin and PhD Miller would join forces, especially when they eadh made it clear they disliked each other for cause.  And then Anita Rivers and Nicole Williams joined the two along with Karin Griffin and have brought together multitude of people who support a better White Springs.  What upset the Grinch is that his buddy in crime, the great Jefferson, lost to Ph.D. Miller by four votes. Four votes thought the Grinch, “How could that happen”.

The Grinch needed to step back so he decided that Lofty would be Mayor.  And since Lofty had a very minimal education in the National Guard, he knew Lofty could be controlled. That is something the Grinches family was very familiar with, how to control the Black population of White Springs.  You give them a perk or two here or there, but not too much.  Just enough so that they do your bidding.

And as a clever Grinch makes certain there is no oversight by other agencies or persons on his staff now that he rid himself of Anita Rivers.. But unfortunately he had to get rid of Fire Chief Pittman because he could see how popular he was just like Ph.D. Miller.  What Pittman brought together was a brotherhood of firefighters and the Grinch, even though he was asked to assist the brotherhood at Halloween, knew he was not one of them but wanted to be.  So he could not be one of them and since they hurt his beloved Andrew, it was necessary they be rid of Pittman.  This way the Grinch and his Town Manager are able to use funds they wish and for the people who follow them for handouts and bonus opportunities without the responsibility of the Fire Department.

Some of the people in White Springs knew better but were fearful of what the Grinch and his loyal police department would do to them; The Grinch would do anything to try and jail Griffin or to cause him monetary injury because it was known Rev. Griffin was right but they needed to silence him anyway.  And no matter how hard the Grinch and staff looked, they could not find anything to arrest Ph.D. Miller on so now they are stuck with her again.

Special strokes were given to special folks who honored the Grinch and those that dared to not would lose their jobs, their programs, or possibly be harassed by the Grinch’s friends, family and the police force, if they all knew what was good for them..

Others knew that money was being taken from the town but could not determine how it was being taken except in the manner of attorneys fees and the special bonuses given to the Town Manager and Little Andrew.  There was never a budgetary sheet given at meetings to find out what our Receivables and Payables are and the Town Manager never had to work her contract hours; only a four day week most of the time.  Others were not paid for accidents or sick leave in the manner in which the personnel file stipulates.  While sick time is not Workers Compensation for an accident at work, the full amount was paid to these employees instead of approximately 2/3 of one’s salary which would be paid under Workers Compensation.  The Grinch and the Town Manager did not adhere to the 30 days per year, but paid full benefits for the full duration these employees were out.  After all, it is only fair because the Grinch allows the Town Manager a four day week in spite of her contract stating otherwise.

The Grinch’s friends also receive benefits such as an emergency Fire Vehicle for their personal use.  Friends are given credit cards to pay for fuel and maintenance but Ph.D. Miller got called out on using a card to pay for the yearly Beautiful Dreamer Banquet and award and ended up paying the expenses herself.  How bad is that?   . The Grinch’s friends didn’t have to work like other people and they received higher salaries and benefits as a result since they kept the dirty little secrets to themselves.

The best benefit that the Grinch feels he has provided the Town is the lack of policing for Drug Traffickers.  You can buy anything on the streets and in fact some of these items are delivered to the Grinch’s home.  He has many parties whether with his loyal officials and friends or with juveniles.  And he helps our Town Manager keep supplied.  The Grinch feels that if all the youth stay on drugs they will not be a problem; they will either remain mellow or they will be near death and it did not matter to him.  After all, he didn’t hold a gun to their heads and make them take drugs!

In fact, May Day has become a juvenile fiasco. There are many swearing, cussing, smoking pot, taking drugs and stealing from the stores.  But does the Grinch feel it important to post one of his police officers at the Dollar General Store to stop thefts.  No, instead the Police Chief and Vice Mayor were talking and laughing it up in a field near the Brown house.  And that is the way the Grinch likes it.  After all if these youth become felons, they cannot vote for him or his friends in the future, so they do not have a lot of value to him and his friends..

The Grinch has been one lucky guy and has been protected by his family’s name; but of late, things are not just going his way, especially since Ph.D Miller is back.  Now he seems concerned about the Ethics Commission is going to do.   He felt he could get around Rev. Griffin but Mrs. Griffin took after the Grinch instead of the Rev.   He has an attorney friend in Lake City who has always cleared him of complaints, since he is on the Ethics Board…but today the Grinch is not certain that will happen because the Rev. Griffin knows about it and called one of the staff members inquiring about it.  Oh, Woe is the Grinch.

Now we the people are realizing what the Grinch has been doing to us.  Some of us are fighting the good fight with Ph.D Miller, Rev. and Mrs. Griffin, Anita Rivers and Nicole Brown and others have joined us. But some are fearful because they are threatened and bribed by the Grinch and his friends.  We pray that a new dawn will come to White Springs and that the Sunshine will eliminate the darkness of Grinch, his friends, and his two incompetent councilors, one of which is a mayor,  Then our Town again will be ours like it used to be.

Take care Citizens of White Springs and keep us apprised of what is happening out there.  Our blog does not require your actual e-mail or your name; just write us a comment about how you feel.  There are many like you out there who want a better White Springs.

Karin for the blog.

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