The RHATT Watch

Day 38

Today is Saturday, June 2nd, Day 38 of the Rhatt Watch.  Did you notice that the Town of White Springs was given a clean audit by the Town’s Auditor, Ken Daniels?  What a joke!  You might remember a few years back, Tropical Storm Debbie visited White Springs.  It wasn’t the worst storm White Springs had seen, but it did do its share of damage.  Part of this damage, included washing out a few roads where streams or at least intermittent streams wen through culverts under streets.  One of the streets that received considerable damage was Jewett Street.  Under an interlocal agreement between White Springs and Hamilton County, the Town asked the County to advance the funds for the repairs which ultimately would be repaid by FEMA.  The repairs were completed by a contractor and paid for by the County.  When Daniels performed an audit for the County, he completely missed the obligation by White Springs, for an amount exceeding $90,000.  Guess it wasn’t much of an audit. 

Fast forward in the White Springs clean audit.  Why is there an expectation that Daniels would do any better in White Springs than Hamilton County?  There shouldn’t be and justifiably so.  Apparently Daniels doesn’t know how to check whether an expense is approved by the Council or not.  Apparently he is incapable of determining whether services were rendered for payments made.  Normally these are covered with straightforward audit procedures.  However, the Ratt and the druggie Lapdog have been expending Town of White Springs Funds, not approved by the Town Council, for personal benefits, an ethics violation, a violation of Town Charter and Florida Statute.  How could Daniels miss this?  And the Ratt and the druggie Lapdog have been instructing “Cousin” Pam to make payments to individuals where services were not rendered.   Again Daniels missed these violations of the Town Charter and Florida Statutes.   Let me understand this, Daniels, missed $90+K, the County was owed.; he missed a ton of transactions that had not been authorized by the Town Council and he missed every transaction where Cousin Pam paid for services which were never rendered.  Yeh!  Anybody can make errors like these.  What’s missing a $100K, here or there  Come on! This is the beginning to sound the Nepotism Authority!  A quick check with Ancestry.com and “WaLa”, the Ratt and Daniels must be “Cousins”!  Who cares about competence when you can keep it in the family? As the Ratt would say, “Us Cousins gotta stick together”.

Hamilton County and White Springs are you hiring an auditor to independently ensure the integrity of the monies of the tax payers covered by your jurisdictions, or to cover up misdeeds by someone?  It should be the former.  Right now, the outside auditing function appears to have a problem.  Either it lacks independence or competence or both.  Something smells fishy!  Independent audits by highly qualified competent individuals are not rocket science.  But you need to hire an organization with competent people, not keep it in the family because someone’s a “Cousin”.  

When will officials in Hamilton County and White Springs stop treating the residents and taxpayers like they are stupid.  This is the 21st century, not the dark ages.  Everyone can see what’s going on and most can understand it.  When are you going to clean house and get rid of firms unable to provide competent, high quality services?  And for those individuals whose misdeeds are being covered up, Sheriff, Chief, when are you going to investigate and put your cuffs to some good use?  And for those of you who have been part of the illicit activities at Town Hall.  If you have been involved, any activities like pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud and other corruption that the Ratt understands, I’d be very concerned.  You know somebody’s feeding the Feds.  It could be the Ratt.  If you don’t want to spend the next decade or longer in prison, try the FBI office in Jacksonville (904)248-7000.  Like the Lapdog, you need to talk to the FBI asap.


 Clean up the Town.  It’s Day 38 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt watch continues!

Red-face Rhatt

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