The RHATT Watch Day 37

The RHATT Watch

Day 37


Today is Friday, June 1st, Day 37 of the Rhatt Watch.  Welcome to White Springs; Florida’s dirty little secret. White Springs is quite possibly, Home of the Most Ratt Infested Administration in the history of the State of Florida.

In the Middle Ages, a bacterium, called the  Yersinia pestis, was the cause of the bubonic plague.  It destroyed between thirty and sixty persons of the European population and similar numbers along major trade routes of the time.  The  Yersinia pestis bacterium was spread by Rats and associated with unsanitary conditions.  Today we have an unsanitary condition in White Springs, and a devastating infection again spread by another Ratt.  While we know considerably more today about sanitary conditions for health related issues, apparently we have learned little about sanitary conditions associated with municipal administrations.  All it takes is one Ratt, and Ratt related empowerment and a Ratt infestation takes over.  It appears the Ratt empowered his obedient Lapdog to undertake a host of activities that had not been approved by the Town Council.  The Lapdog is very much like the  Yersinia pestis bacterium of the Middle Ages.  Like a Rat with  Yersinia pestis, White Springs’ Ratt with his Lapdog in “One of the Sunshine” very unsanitary conditions has propagated a nightmarish Town Administration plague that has destroyed the population.  The Lapdog destroyed Town resources for the benefit of herself and several others in violation of the Town Charter and the Florida Statutes.


Now, the Ratt being an attorney, although an attorney with an extremely low Martiinsdale’ rating by his business colleagues, he knows just enough to minimize his fingerprints on as much of the illicit activities as possible.  However, if you know where to look, his fingerprints exist.  And of course, it was the Lapdog, who instructed the staff, including Cousin Pam, to undertake the illicit activities like payments for services which were not rendered.  When the Feds finally return to White Springs to begin eradicating the nightmarish Town Administration plague, who do you think they will focus on first; the Ratt or the Lapdog?  Like stopping the  Yersinia pestis the Lapdog is probably first.  If the Lapdog has even the tiniest smarts, she’s probably preparing for that day.  We know the Lapdog has been living in her office with the doors closed and locked and most of the time with the lights out.  Is the Lapdog secretly making copies of incriminating documents?  Is the Lapdog secretly recording conversations where nefarious activities are discussed?  Both probably would be smart things to do.  Has the Lapdog retained an attorney, and this would be an attorney with a high Martinsdale rating?  If the Lapdog has an attorney, has she negotiated a deal and been interviewed by the Feds yet?  If the Lapdog is sitting and waiting for her master, it’s going to be a long hard incarceration; say thirty-five years like the Ratt.  

White Springs needs some fresh Sunshine; it’s a great disinfectant.  White Springs needs to eliminate the “Out of the Sunshine” unsanitary activities the Ratt is so fond of.  Right now, the Ratt is toxic; some, lime Michael Avemotti, would say very toxic.  He’s probably going to be indicted.  And when he is, the Ratt’s going to roll on anyone he can to reduce his liability.  If you have been participating in illicit activities at Town Hall or if you are one of the Ratt’s “cousins” or cronies and had anything to do with pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes and corruption with the Red-face Ratt, you should be extremely concerned.  If you want out, you probably don’t know who to trust (still lots of hidden “cousins” out there) Try the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  If you don’t want to spend the next decade or longer in prison like the Lapdog, you need to talk to the FBI asap.  Remember, the Ratt is probably gathering evidence on anybody and everybody to use in negotiations with the Feds.


Move ‘em Out!  It’s Day 37 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues.

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