Saturday, May 26, 2018

Town Council

City of Jasper

208 West Hatley Street

Jasper, Florida 32052




Enclosed please find my application for the Interim Town Manager position in your City. My resume is also included. I thank you for your attention to this matter.


I would bring to your city a functional interim Town Manager. I anticipate the opening would last approximately 3 months or until you can find a candidate worthy of the position.


What I bring to the appointment is a strong knowledge of State Ethics, State Sunshine, State Public Records Laws and a fairly strong grasp of Roberts Rules of Order which, according to your Charter is how meetings and town business is to be conducted.


Because I am not a Jasper resident, I live in White Springs; I will not play favorites with any party. If you expect someone to bend to your desires at the same time pushing against the law I am not your person. In the one meeting of the Jasper Town Council that I have attended in the recent past I saw several patently illegal activities and would seek, through education of the Council members, one at a time, to correct these questionable acts.


The major problem I see is that you are letting the Town Attorney run your meetings at least he ran the meeting I attended. The town attorney should be seen and not heard unless the Council or any member thereof has a legal question that needs an interpretation. The attorney’s job is to keep the town legal and not to run the show.


I am familiar with budgeting for government organizations and understand that a budget for the upcoming fiscal year will probably be needed during my tenure as your interim Town Manager. I am told that your town occasionally spends money, sometimes lots of money, which it shouldn’t. I would question each such expenditure at Council meetings and provide to you, through town staff, an updated status of the current year’s expenditures.


A major expenditure, that you have recently undertaken, is to get an outside attorney firm to fact find or investigate (chose one) the situation with the prior town manager. If all the firm is to do is fact find the situation well the Council could have done that itself. If the firm was to make a recommendation on the solving of the situation then the investigation, as the contract calls for, should have been done in the Sunshine. As you know it was not done in the Sunshine. This cost the Taxpayers of Jasper some $6,000.00 or more dollars. And this expenditure of public funds was tainted with the need of your attorney to “look good” to the outside attorney firm. First Lake City, then White Springs and now Jasper have enriched the bottom line of this particular firm to the overall sum of near $55,000.00. And your attorney was the common thread in all such misspending of taxpayer funds.


If I can be of service to your city in anyway please feel free to contact me. I look forward to the opportunity to help bring your municipality into the light from the twilight of somewhat partially “closed” government.


Again, thanks for your attention.


Yours for completely open government,



Joe E. Griffin

16589 Mill Street

White Springs, Florida 32096

386 397 2951


P.S. No notary in White Springs that I care to tell I am applying for this temporary position.  I will notarize my application when I get to Jasper the next time.


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