The Rhatt Watch Day 21

The RHATT Watch

Day 21


Today is Wednesday, May 16th, Day 21 of the Rhatt Watch.  Hamilton County has three incorporated municipal Agencies, White Springs, Jasper, and Jennings, and the Hamilton County Commission for the unincorporated areas, and the Hamilton County Nepotism Authority.  The first four provide essential services for the residents of their respective areas.  The Nepotism Authority provides countywide economic development and job creation services.  Each has financial resources and assets associated with the delivery of their services.  If used properly, all residents are beneficiaries.  On the other hand, under the Red-face Ratt model, as much of the benefit as possible can be re-directed to the Ratt, personally, or family and “Cousins”.  The Ratt already has his tentacles into three (i.e.  White Springs, Jasper and the Nepotism Authority) of these entities and he has his sights set on the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners now.  Red-face Ratt’s opening ploy has been to bring the Commission and the Nepotism Authority closer together in such a way that he can dip into the County’s funds, allegedly for economic development purposes, but with benefits inuring to himself or his “Cousins” Red-face Ratt  is like a hog at the trough.  He wants it all.

The residents of White Springs elected Red-face Ratt, not knowing or understanding what his behavior would be.  They know now!  Jasper should have seen what was happening in White Springs and should have been better able to make an informed hiring decision.  Looks like either they made a poor decision or the Ratt has lot’s of “Cousins” on the Council.  The Nepotism Authority, well that’s why they hired the Ratt.  Aunt Mary Lou pulled the strings, and “Wa La” nepotism is alive and well.  There are lots of other attorney’s around with better Martinsdale ratings, but who wants competence when you can keep it in the family.  As the Ratt would say, “Us ‘cousins’ gotta stick together!  Now the Ratt is looking to his cousins to help him plunder the County resources.

OK, resident’s of White Springs, where are you?  You put the Ratt in office.  It’s you r responsibility to remove him.  What are you waiting for?  And, Jasper City Council, you hired Red-face Ratt.  The advice the Ratt has provided is so bad that you are now exposed to a law suit and a substantial financial settlement if and when the victim elects to pursue an action.  Jasper, what are you waiting for?  And, residents of Jasper, I’s your money that’s being squandered.  If your Council won’t do the right thing, then it’s up to you.  So Jasper residents, what are you waiting for? Regarding the Nepotism Authority, Governor Scott, these are your appointees.  They serve at our pleasure.  The Nepotism Authority is not doing you a service.  They are ravaging the precious resources they have available for personal, including all the ‘cousins’ gain.  How long are you going to put up with this behavior?

Become part of the solution.  It’s Day 21 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!

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