Saturday, May 26, 2018

Town Council

City of Jasper

208 West Hatley Street

Jasper, Florida 32052




Enclosed please find my application for the Interim Town Manager position in your City. My resume is also included. I thank you for your attention to this matter.


I would bring to your city a functional interim Town Manager. I anticipate the opening would last approximately 3 months or until you can find a candidate worthy of the position.


What I bring to the appointment is a strong knowledge of State Ethics, State Sunshine, State Public Records Laws and a fairly strong grasp of Roberts Rules of Order which, according to your Charter is how meetings and town business is to be conducted.


Because I am not a Jasper resident, I live in White Springs; I will not play favorites with any party. If you expect someone to bend to your desires at the same time pushing against the law I am not your person. In the one meeting of the Jasper Town Council that I have attended in the recent past I saw several patently illegal activities and would seek, through education of the Council members, one at a time, to correct these questionable acts.


The major problem I see is that you are letting the Town Attorney run your meetings at least he ran the meeting I attended. The town attorney should be seen and not heard unless the Council or any member thereof has a legal question that needs an interpretation. The attorney’s job is to keep the town legal and not to run the show.


I am familiar with budgeting for government organizations and understand that a budget for the upcoming fiscal year will probably be needed during my tenure as your interim Town Manager. I am told that your town occasionally spends money, sometimes lots of money, which it shouldn’t. I would question each such expenditure at Council meetings and provide to you, through town staff, an updated status of the current year’s expenditures.


A major expenditure, that you have recently undertaken, is to get an outside attorney firm to fact find or investigate (chose one) the situation with the prior town manager. If all the firm is to do is fact find the situation well the Council could have done that itself. If the firm was to make a recommendation on the solving of the situation then the investigation, as the contract calls for, should have been done in the Sunshine. As you know it was not done in the Sunshine. This cost the Taxpayers of Jasper some $6,000.00 or more dollars. And this expenditure of public funds was tainted with the need of your attorney to “look good” to the outside attorney firm. First Lake City, then White Springs and now Jasper have enriched the bottom line of this particular firm to the overall sum of near $55,000.00. And your attorney was the common thread in all such misspending of taxpayer funds.


If I can be of service to your city in anyway please feel free to contact me. I look forward to the opportunity to help bring your municipality into the light from the twilight of somewhat partially “closed” government.


Again, thanks for your attention.


Yours for completely open government,



Joe E. Griffin

16589 Mill Street

White Springs, Florida 32096

386 397 2951


P.S. No notary in White Springs that I care to tell I am applying for this temporary position.  I will notarize my application when I get to Jasper the next time.



The Rhatt Watch Day 21

The RHATT Watch

Day 21


Today is Wednesday, May 16th, Day 21 of the Rhatt Watch.  Hamilton County has three incorporated municipal Agencies, White Springs, Jasper, and Jennings, and the Hamilton County Commission for the unincorporated areas, and the Hamilton County Nepotism Authority.  The first four provide essential services for the residents of their respective areas.  The Nepotism Authority provides countywide economic development and job creation services.  Each has financial resources and assets associated with the delivery of their services.  If used properly, all residents are beneficiaries.  On the other hand, under the Red-face Ratt model, as much of the benefit as possible can be re-directed to the Ratt, personally, or family and “Cousins”.  The Ratt already has his tentacles into three (i.e.  White Springs, Jasper and the Nepotism Authority) of these entities and he has his sights set on the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners now.  Red-face Ratt’s opening ploy has been to bring the Commission and the Nepotism Authority closer together in such a way that he can dip into the County’s funds, allegedly for economic development purposes, but with benefits inuring to himself or his “Cousins” Red-face Ratt  is like a hog at the trough.  He wants it all.

The residents of White Springs elected Red-face Ratt, not knowing or understanding what his behavior would be.  They know now!  Jasper should have seen what was happening in White Springs and should have been better able to make an informed hiring decision.  Looks like either they made a poor decision or the Ratt has lot’s of “Cousins” on the Council.  The Nepotism Authority, well that’s why they hired the Ratt.  Aunt Mary Lou pulled the strings, and “Wa La” nepotism is alive and well.  There are lots of other attorney’s around with better Martinsdale ratings, but who wants competence when you can keep it in the family.  As the Ratt would say, “Us ‘cousins’ gotta stick together!  Now the Ratt is looking to his cousins to help him plunder the County resources.

OK, resident’s of White Springs, where are you?  You put the Ratt in office.  It’s you r responsibility to remove him.  What are you waiting for?  And, Jasper City Council, you hired Red-face Ratt.  The advice the Ratt has provided is so bad that you are now exposed to a law suit and a substantial financial settlement if and when the victim elects to pursue an action.  Jasper, what are you waiting for?  And, residents of Jasper, I’s your money that’s being squandered.  If your Council won’t do the right thing, then it’s up to you.  So Jasper residents, what are you waiting for? Regarding the Nepotism Authority, Governor Scott, these are your appointees.  They serve at our pleasure.  The Nepotism Authority is not doing you a service.  They are ravaging the precious resources they have available for personal, including all the ‘cousins’ gain.  How long are you going to put up with this behavior?

Become part of the solution.  It’s Day 21 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!


The RHATT Watch

Day 19

Today is Monday, May 14th, Day 19 of the Rhatt watch.  The newly elected White Springs Town Council met for the first time since the reorganization meeting on May 8th. Conspicuously absent was the family of the Red-faced Ratt. It looks like they continue to be too embarrassed and humiliated by his actions and behavior. Oh come to think of it the Red-faced Ratt was missing also. It appears the Ratt was embarrassed and humiliated by his own behavior. The Ratt’s favorite Lapdog sat lonely, weepy-eyed and almost crying that her Master was missing.


The Council addressed several motions proposed by the Ratt’s Lapdog to change the Town Charter. It was pointed out to the Council that as indicated in the White Springs Town Charter, Section 10.03, Charter Amendment Procedures , the Council may propose changes to the Town Charter but only the Town’s Electors may vote to adopt changes to the Town Charter.


Only 12 days into his new position and Sellout Lofty demonstrated that he had been fully corrupted by Red-faced Ratt and his flunkies. Sellout Lofty decided to proceed in violation of the Charter. The first proposed Charter Change received a motion to adopt and a second. Sellout Lofty attempted to rush a vote but other Council members asked for a discussion concerning the confusing language and obvious Charter violation. After some discussion, voting was initiated. Council members McKenzie and Miller opposed the amendment. Sellout realizing that the “CorrruptPack” can’t pass given only four council votes are present tries to table the Amendment in violation of Charter and Roberts Rules of Order hoping to continue to some point when Ratt would be present.

Reluctantly Sellout Lofty continues and votes in favor of of the Amendment. Mindless Tonja refuses to vote. As she threw her usual Temper Tantrum it was pointed out several times to Mindless is unable to read and that she is unable to comprehend what she is voting on and its implications for the residents of White Springs. While she argued against voting , Mindless, if she had any ability to read or had bothered to have anyone explain to her what was in the Amendment, would have known the Amendment she was holding in her hands referenced to very Florida Statute that required her to vote. Unable to speak and at wit’s end mindless in violation of the Town Charter voted to change it.


You’ve all heard it before, “You get what you pay for”. Well’s that’s true regarding elections also. You get what you elect. In addition to the requirement that you must live in White Springs for at least a year prior to running for office here, maybe we should know if a candidate has the ability to comprehend issues that have come, or will come, before the Council. It would be great if they knew. It would be great if Mindless Tonja, who has set the bar so low, that anything would be and improvement.


Citizens of White Springs, why do we have individuals like Red-faced Ratt and Mindless Tonja in our municipal government? How long will it be before Ratt concocts some scheme to revise the Charter so he can appoint himself Despot or Oppressor for life? When will the dictatorial, corrupt and avaricious behavior of these members of the municipal administration be stopped? Does everything in White Springs need to be destroyed first? Do the White Springs electors (voters) need to be pillaged and brutalized first? White Springs residents, When will you ACT?


Hang in there it is day 19 and the Red-faced Ratt hasn’t resigned yet. The Rhatt Watch continues !!!!


The RHATT Watch Day 18

Today is Sunday, May 13th, Day 18 of the Rhatt Watch.

If some stud’s dealing on your Street

Who ya gonna call?  Ratt busters!

When they’re buying the treat,

Who ya gonna call?  Ratt-busters!

I ain’t afraid of no flunkies!

I ain’t afraid of no flunkies!

If you’re seeing the crimes

Who ya gonna call? Ratt-busters!

When you’re ringing Law’s chimes

Who ya gonna call?  Ratt busters

I ain’t afraid of no flunkies!

I ain’t afraid of no flunkies?

Who ya gonna call? Ratt-busters!

If you’re all alone,

Pickup the phone

and call Ratt-busters !!

FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000

Be vigilant, iit’s Day 18 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!




8.        Investigative meetings

The sunshine law is applicable to investigative inquiries of public boards or commissions. The fact that a meeting concerns alleged violations of laws or regulations does not remove it from the scope of the law. ago 74-84; and Canney v. Board of Public Instruction of Alachua County, 278 so. 2d 260 (Fla. 1973).

To bad for Mr. Williams and Rhett. They are going to have to air their dirty laundry in public.


The RHATT Watch

Day 17

Today is Saturday, May 12th, Day 17 of the Rhatt Watch.  The Red-face Ratt was the primary reason that his father drank heavily, a fifth  of Lord Calvert a day.   As a result, the Ratt took up drinking in high school and quickly transitioned to drugs becoming an aggressive and heavy user for more than three decades.  The “cousins” work hard to cover it up, but pretty much everyone in White Springs has seen Ratt and knows the details.

Hamilton County has always been on the forefront of the illicit alcohol and drug industries.  Many of the pioneer families, including the Ratts, and many large landowners made their money raising corn and brewing moonshine.  Lately it’s been drugs.  White Springs started out with one or two dealers pulling their drugs from suppliers in Lake City and Jacksonville.  Now, thanks to Ratt, there are many more dealers.  Junk is available on virtually every street.  There are a number of reasons that the White Springs’ Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department do little or nothing to stop these illicit activities.

First Red-face Ratt threatened the White Springs Police “cousins” in the Sheriff’s Department and the Drug task-force.  Remember what the Ratt says “Us ‘cousins’ gotta stick together”.  In the past the Ratt provided all manner of protection for his suppliers, dealers, delivery boys, user “cousins” and more.  That’s all changing.  The Ratt is under investigation by multiple agencies.  He’s talking.  He’s throwing anyone and everyone under the bus to save his own butt.  And, on any given day, he’s probably wearing a wire, BTW: Today, all the Feds need is to turn the any phone mike on to hear and record every comment from everyone’s nearby.  “Cousins”, that includes your phones.


What is it going to take to bring the White Springs Police Department off of traffic duty and on to more serious offences? Recently, cousin Thad bought some bad drugs and ended up killing himself and another person.  Nothing’s being done to get these drugs off the street.  When are the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and the Drug Task-Force going to get rid of “cousins”, clean up their staffs and their acts and do their jobs?  White Springs still has the Red-face Ratt who is as toxic as ever.  White Springs residents don’t want Red-face Ratt disbanding the Police Department so he can run his drug parties.  LISTEN UP “cousins”.  If you have been involved in drugs, bribes, corruption and pedophilia with the Red-face Ratt in the last twenty years, you should start thinking about your butt.  If you don’t want to spend the next decade, or longer, in prison, you need to get to someone you can trust first.  Try the FBI office in Jacksonville [(904} 248-7000.  If you don’t, the Red-face Ratt will give you up.  There is not much time left.

When will Florida’s local, regional and State  law enforcement undertake thorough investigations of Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog, “cousins” and other flunkies?  When will the State Attorney indict Red-face Ratt?  Or, will Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog resign first?  For how long could Red-face Ratt go away?  And who will Red-face Ratt bring down with him.

Better watch your back.  It’s Day 17 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues.


The RHATT Watch

Day 16

Today is Friday, May 11th, Day 16 of the Rhatt Watch.  Welcome to White Springs, Florida’s dirty little secret.  White Springs, quite possibly, Home of the Most Corrupt Town Council and Administration in the history of the State of Florida.  For the past two years, Red-face Ratt led the White Springs Town Council and Administration.  By working out of the Sunshine, Red-face Ratt, along with his flunkies, Mindless Tonja and Sellout Willie, began to systematically plunder White Springs for their personal benefit.  Once his grasp was firmly around White Springs, Red-face Ratt hatched a plan to gain access to all of the bounty in Jasper, Jennings, Hamilton County, The Development Authority and then other counties.  It works like this; put the Ratt’s “cousins” and cronies in place to support him; first try charm; then use threats and intimidation and finally use bribes.  Once in place Red-face Ratt grabs everything he can.  He spreads a little of the spoils around.   Governor Scott knows all about the Red-face Ratt’s scourge.

When the Red-face Ratt goes down, fresh Sunshine will be a great disinfectant.  It’s light and public scrutiny will be on all of those “cousins” and cronies who empowered the Ratt.  Don’t forget, the Ratt is toxic, very toxic!  If you are one of the Ratt’s “cousins” or cronies and had anything to do with drugs, bribes and corruption with the Red-face Ratt in the last twenty years, you should be extremely concerned.  If you are one of the pedophilia victims, or you were complicit and want out, you probably don’t know who to trust (still lots of hiden “cousins” out there). Try the FBI office in Jacksonville [(904)wr8-7000}.  If you don’t want to spend the next decade, or longer, in prison, youi need to talk to the FBI asap.  You will not be the first, or the last.  The Red-face Ratt is prob ably wearing a wire and will roll over on you any chance he gets.

What is Governor Scott waiting for?  How long has the Florida Department of Law Enforcement been investigating Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and the “cousins”?  It’s a pretty good bet Red-face Ratt has seen the hand-writing on the wall by now.  He denies it to the “cousins” and cronies, but it’s only a matter of time.  Will the State or the Federal Government get to the Ratt first?  Will Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog wait for their “pink” handcuffs or will they resign and flee the jurisdiction?  Looks like the Ratt could get thirty-five years or more?  How many of the “cousins” will accompany him?  Stay tuned to the six o’clock news.

Keep both eyes open.  It’s Day 16 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!


If you want to see your dysfunctional town government at work then come on out. It’ll be really fun to watch Rhatt and his cronies figure out a way to spend the $6000.00 for Allen, Norton, & Blue attorney firm when they are not needed. Of course if ANB is there to defend Mr. Gun toting Williams then that will be an ethics complaint big time.

I always thought White Springs was the most dysfunctional town in Florida. I think I am wrong. Jasper is just as bad if not worse than White Springs. And there are two common denominators of the two towns. First they are both in Hamilton County. And second both have Rhatt Bullard as a public employee. Poor woe is us. He should be fired by both municipalities for incompetence and out right lying to the citizens.

Come on out. Watch Rhatt control YOUR meeting with his non stop directing on how you should run your town. True he is an attorney but no where in any document, Charter or Ordinance or contract, does it say that he is to “Run the Show” That is the Mayor’s job backed up by the Council. What a joke Jasper is. Nobody elected Rhatt to anything yet he treats the Mayor and the rest of the Council like little children, too dumb to know anything. Maybe Rhatt is a racist, helping the mayor out as best he can. Yes I think that is it. Rhatt sees an opening, a vacuum of leadership and jumps right into it to control all of the Citizens of Jasper. What a joke.

Judge Scaff will have a chance to say something about Allen, Norton & Blue’s takeover of an investigation. It just happens to be illegal. But what the hell, Rhatt doesn’t care. And the Council doesn’t care. and worst of all the Citizens don’t care.


The reason why no one will do a damn thing is because this entire county is screwed up. These old timers are only out for themselves an are stuck in 1800’s. Its time to run them out of town. We need new folks who will do the job for the people. If we dont stand up to the Small town BS politics then we might as well stop bitching about it. They dont want change if they did they would have started sooner. Its all a way for them to keep new things from coming into town and this county there is no reason for it but then only one i can see is that they keep it like that so they can keep there pockets full. If they allow outsiders to come in they might be smarter then they are an see what they are doing an put a stop to the money. Just a thought.


The RHATT Watch

Day 15


Today is Thursday, May 10th, Day 15 of the Rhatt Watch.  The Red[face Ratt received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University in 1995.  There is quite a bit of controversy at FSU concerning his tutors and who supplied him with completed assignments.  The Ratt received his law degree from Stetson University in 1999.  Again, controversy surrounded him concerning who and how he was helped through classes and exams.  Also in 1999, the Florida Supreme Court certified the Ratt to practice law in Florida.

Martindale, the official organization which tracks the qualifications of attorneys, indicates that one of Ratt’s very own partners gave him the lowest possible ratings for legal knowledge, analytical capability, judgment, communication and legal experience.  Clearly, his partner was aware of his involvement with pedophilia, drugs, bribery, fraud and all manner of corruption.

And, now, the Red-face Ratt wants to run for a Judgeship to replace Judge Decker.  Where in the world is the Florida Bar Association?  For admission to the Bar, a person must pass a moral character screening.  There is no way Red-face Ratt should have passed earlier (he’s been on drugs since high school) or the Ratt would fail today, and should have failed in 1999.  Apparently there are no longer moral or background requirements for attorneys or even Judges.  All it take is having “cousins” in the right positions.  You know, as the Ratt says, “us ‘cousins’ gotta stick together”.

When will the Florida Bar undertake a real, not a white-wash, investigation into Red-face Ratt?   There are dozens of youth who can shed light on pedophilia.  There are dozens of drug dealers who can shed light on Ratt’s drug buying and use habits.  In fact, there’s probably a video of Red-face Ratt at Billy-Bons snorting away.  There are scores of people who can speak to his threats, intimidation and bribes.  At least the Feds are asking questions.  Sooner or later, Red-face Ratt is going to roll and when he does, the “cousins” are going away.  Yeh! And watch out for the wire.

Where is the Florida Bar Association?  Doesn’t prosecuting immoral and corrupt  attorneys matter anymore?  Does the Ratt have a “cuz” on the Bar?  Is someone accepting bribes, a common Ratt approach, to protect the Ratt?  Who’s protecting the Ratt and why?  It’s probably a “cousin”.  In addition to Florida Bar discipline, the State Attorney needs to stop waiting for someone to give him a report.  The State’s Attorney needs to act.  And the prison system needs to get a couple of beds ready for the Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and a few of the “sticking together cousins”.

Be Vigilant, it’s Day 15 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!